The group of assassins VS the nuclear bombing group in Iran

Article author: Miky Weinberg – Owner of the Tarantula Technologies Ltd and Octagon Security Ltd Companies.

Note: The details in the article on the assassination of the nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (the assassination in Iran), are taken from the media publications only and therefore some may be correct and some may be inaccurate.

Good evening dear viewers from your professional and experienced commentators, Miky Weinberg and Yair Oanunu. It turns out that even after many years of coverage and interpretation of events, one can still get excited about a new event and that is what happens to us on this special and unusual evening.

Finally, after waiting patiently for a long time, the battle between the assassins and the Iranian nuclear bomb group taking place in the resort town of Absard near Tehran is about to begin and we are here to intensify the experience for you.

The atmosphere in this amazing and impressive hall is electrifying and all thanks to you dear viewers.








The signs and allusions to the approaching of this fateful and important battle have been given and published recently in succession:

The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, mentioned the name of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh when he presented to the world the documents that the Mossad managed to take from the Iranians under their noses – there is no doubt that a clear message was sent to the Iranian nuclear bomb group.










US President Donald Trump joined the challenge against the Iranian armament and he too marked the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as a target and thus awakened the Iranian nuclear bomb group from its slumber.

We have no doubt that Donald Trump, along with Benjamin Netanyahu, managed to upset the fans of the Iranian nuclear bomb group.


Iranian fans took to the streets en masse and demanded that the Iranian nuclear bomb group hold the battle as soon as possible and even stepped up to do so when they burned the flags of Israel and the United States. We are sure that a lot of Iranian fans will come to watch and cheer on their team in the hope that this time they will win.





The whole world waited patiently for the official announcement of the battle between the two teams, and to our great joy it came in a big way:



Both teams know that this time too it will be a battle that will determine who will die and who will live. Who will come out on top?

Will the assassins win again this time or will the Iranian nuclear bomb group finally succeed in doing so?

Which team, dear spectators, will win the championship belt for 2020 at the end of the fight?




There is no doubt that the Iranian nuclear bomb group has a big and difficult challenge in defending the life of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.
If we recall their previous loss in which Qassem Suleimani paid with his life, they must not make the same mistakes.

What are the common mistakes that the Iranian nuclear bomb group makes over and over again when conducting close protection operations:

  • Use of the same vehicles helps the opponent to mark the principal’s vehicle and easily identify it during the battle.
  • Inadequacy of early response capabilities and operational functioning during the realization of a physical assault threat – the security guards who do not have the ability to fight against an aggressive opponent prevent the response from being rapid.
  • Repeated movement patterns, traveling on the same axes allows the opponent to know exactly where the principal’s convoy will go and thus plan ahead and place a deadly ambush.
  • Failure to observe basic security principles with the principal, for example, letting the principal drive the vehicle.
  • Failure to combine appropriate weapons to respond to an attack by an aggressive opponent.
  • Passive security, security that waits for the opponent’s action without performing active security actions. This includes a failure to send an advance team to scan the fixed travel route for the purpose of detecting anomalies.
  • A method of security and operational work without planning from the eyes of the attacker and without the use of tactical deception and breaking the routine.
  • Lack of production and use of tactical intelligence, threat assessment, and analysis of reports for each threat and each planned characteristic activity.
  • Lack of adjustment of the levels of physical and technological protection, packaging and operational sampling, and operational transportation vehicles for assessing the potential threat by the opponent to the secured object/protectee.
  • The force’s composition (forces and missions) does not match the requirements of conducting security operations during a threatened principal’s movement at such a level, including personnel and mission vehicles (close, escort, advances, observers, EOD, etc.).
  • Mismatch of the profile of the security personnel and their operational competence to the characteristics of the mission dedicated to protecting a threatened principal.

In contrast, the assassins always manage to surprise again thanks to the level of professionalism and quality of execution of its members and thanks to their high ability to gather intelligence before a battle. The assassins invest a lot of effort and time in the phase of learning about the opponent and preparing the plan of action from the mindset of the attacker. As it seems, even in this battle the assassins are supposed to win, but it is perhaps precisely because of this that the Iranian nuclear bomb group will be able to surprise and transfer the 2020 victory belt to its closet.

Dear viewers, the last press conference before the start of the fight is about to begin.

We see from our broadcasting position that the President of the United States himself is coming to the podium and the spokesman for the Iranian nuclear bomb group is approaching his position.

As usual, Donald Trump is full of confidence and gives a performance with the 2019 championship belt hanging on his left shoulder. On the other hand, the Iranian speaker waves at him in what looks like a snake. Can’t believe it, could it be that the Iranian speaker brought a snake to the press conference? There is no end to the creativity of these two veteran rivals.








What excitement, what atmosphere, what tension. In a few minutes, the battle will begin. The arena is ready. The roars of excitement and encouragement of your dear viewers are heard very loudly. Due to the limitations of the coronavirus, the audience is watching an online battle so to hear it one has to click on the left audio-video and increase the volume of the speakers.


The group of assassins enters the battlefield first and rushes to place a hidden camera, a car bomb, and what looks like a sniper weapon disguised in the back of a pickup truck. We do not know the exact plan of the assassins but there is no doubt that it is going to be surprising and deadly.

We manage to see the Iranian nuclear bomb group advancing towards the battlefield. The group chose to arrive in a convoy of three vehicles with nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh driving in a Nissan mid-size vehicle. Wait, could it be that the group has again chosen to use the same axis?

Could it be that we see the nuclear scientist driving himself in the ministry vehicle with his wife sitting next to him? Could it be that they have not sent a preliminary advance team again to check whether the opponent’s team is preparing a surprise for them?

To our sorrow or rather to the sorrow of the large Iranian crowd that came tonight to see his team win, it seems that the answer to all our questions is… Yes !!! Once again the Iranian nuclear bomb group is repeating past mistakes that caused it to lose and big time. Maybe we are wrong, maybe we do not see right, maybe they will still surprise.

The convoy of nuclear scientists begins to enter the battlefield as the assassins are seen waiting patiently. Who will attack first? The tension in the arena tears the air.

The assassins identify with the help of the hidden camera the familiar Nissan vehicle and the face of the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – the target is identified!!! The assassins rush to activate the exploding vehicle, a huge explosion is heard that blows the parts of the vehicle over a large distance and more importantly manages to get the convoy of the nuclear bomb group to stop on the spot. Again the surprise came from the group of assassins. Will the nuclear bomb group be able to respond? Or we again watch a battle that ends in a knockout?

Security guards from the rear escort vehicle try to get out and respond but before they can move, each of the four takes a deadly bullet that kills him on the spot.

The group of assassins is in full swing and it does not appear that they intend to reduce the intensity of the attack until the nuclear scientist is abducted and dies. Firing sounds are heard from the direction of the van, but where is the shooter? Unbelievably, the group of assassins is firing remotely at the sniper rifle. Once again they surprise and justify being world champions.

The special sniper rifle bullets penetrate the front armored glass of the Nissan vehicle on their way to the exposed body of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Mohsen appears to have been fatally wounded and the group of assassins understands this well. The group’s members are quick to hide from the battlefield all the evidence that can attest to their all-too-successful method of operation.

The convoy of the Iranian nuclear bomb group remains in place with the nuclear scientist and the killed security guards each sitting in their place. Again the team lost. Again the team failed to face the world champion and again the one who paid the price for the loss is the secured principal.

We and the audience from all over the world and especially the Iranian audience look at the battle scene and see the story of the battle through the marks it left (Warning: the video on the left includes unpleasant content):

In the photo: the remains of the exploding vehicle that flew in all directions and at a great distance from the battlefield, which indicates the size of the explosive device that was activated remotely.







The armored Nissan vehicle – the bullets hit the front window and the small window on the left side and blood marks on the road.





As usual, as we do for you immediately after each fight, we have summarized the bulk of the fight into a concluding video:

Just before we conclude the battle and close the broadcast, we received special documentation of the battle in the simulation – only for your eyes dear viewers:



The world media is quick to report on the death of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and publishes a picture of him against the backdrop of the Iranian flag.






The Iranian leader warns the United States and Israel in heavy revenge for the additional victory he and his country suffered.






Our dear viewers, we have reached the end of the special broadcast. We watched a battle in which only one group remembered that security must be maintained and by deception you will make war.

The world championship remains in the hands of the assassins’ group and they come out of here with the championship belt for 2020.

A big victory picture of the commander of the winning team with the championship belt has been published right now in all the global media?








Until our next coverage, we, Miky Weinberg and Yair Oanunu are glad you were here with us and wish you a continued safe, and secure evening.

Remember that security must be maintained.

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