Under body scanning and alert system Class 1 laser, no black spots

92% of car bombs and planting ends with casualties

Hunter 1 - an alert system that prevents the placement of explosive devices under vehiclesFull 360º underbody coverage

  • Warning delivery for all underbody area penetration
  • Simple internet operation and control
  • Fits all vehicles
  • Full 360º underbody protection
  • High resistance to heat, cold
    and rough weather conditions
  • User friendly interface
  • One system capable of defining
    two protection zones
  • Free standing system not reliant
    on any outside system
  • Alerts can be in the form of :
    Alarms, Flashing beacons, SMS, MMS, APP
Laser radius up to 10 meters
from the center of the car
No need for unreliable
visual inspection methods
Variable size of detectable objects and response times applied by the system
20 meter scanning diameter
Warns you everwhere
During detection mode the system provides real time alerts.
The alerts can be in the form of: alarms, flashing beacons, SMS, MMS, PC or APP.
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